Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


George David Hodgson

George David Hodgson is a fashionpreneur, public speaker and mental health activist. In 2014 he founded the award-winning fashion label 'Maison de Choup' out of his severe anxiety and OCD episode. The brand has been recognised by the likes of Vanity Fair, which crowned Maison de Choup 'The Fashion Brand with a Mental Health Cause at its Heart'. It also won the British Fashion Startup Award in 2016 for such an inspiring story. 

Since launching Maison de Choup, George has gone on to do public speeches and workshops in schools, colleges and universities about how he started his fashion label from such a dark place. He tells the story of his battle with severe Anxiety and OCD, not being able to leave the house and washing his hands up to 50x a day to running a fashion label full time. He is incredibly honest about his suffering and talks about how everyone should be more open about their mental health. 

George also works with YoungMinds as a Youth Advisor on the Amplified programme giving workshops to professionals. 





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