Zoe Souter,
Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful and inspiring talk.
The feedback from the students has been amazing and they really loved it and were just so delighted that you came and told us about Maison de Choup.”

Sarah Haines, Malmesbury School

“I read George’s inspirational story in Happiful magazine and felt he would be an excellent speaker and role model to engage with our 6th Form students. Educating our young people about mental health issues is a key priority for us and it was brilliant to have a young adult that our students could relate to talking about both his story and the current issues in mental health funding. Engaging , relevant and above all positive, George showed us that there is hope for all of us even in the darkest moments of mental illness and strongly conveyed the message that we MUST talk about mental health more honestly and openly.”

Michelle Hutton, Managing Director -

“Thankfully, tackling mental health is becoming a priority. Giving people the comfort and confidence to talk about mental health is key. I’m proud that, together with the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA), Edelman hosted a seminar in London to discuss the importance of positive mental health in the PR and communications industry. George joined me and a panel of experts to share his personal experience. Full of energy and a generous spirit, he created a personal connection with each and every person in the audience – offering an authentic, entertaining and unique story explaining his mental health journey. His willingness to share his experience, so as to make a change for good, is truly inspiring. He has a natural flare for storytelling and he delivered an excellent and motivating account of how he founded his own business, Maison De Choup, despite personal challenges. George is truly captivating and a real pleasure to work with. I wish him well with his business and personal journey.”